Last day! 

Tomorrow is the last day of school! WOW! The school year has gone by so fast! I wanted to send a quick reminder home about the last day. The roof is scheduled to be tarred on Thursday, so if anyone has Asthma or breathing issues, please think about this before sending your child to school. 

Tomorrow the kids will be cleaning out their desks and bringing home the contents. Please make sure sure they have a backpack and/or a plastic or reusable bag they can use. They shouldn’t have anything left at school after tomorrow. They are encouraged to check out the lost and found and make sure nothing is left in the hallways. There will be a short goodbye ceremony at 3pm as we say goodbye to teachers who are leaving 😦 and our Grade 6 students for the last time!

Feel free to come say bye if you’re picking up your child tomorrow. I’ll be under the overhang at 3:30 dismissing them from the gym after the assembly. 

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!


About Larissa Aradj

French Immersion Teacher at Lord Lansdowne Public School in Toronto, Ontario Google Certified Educator, Innovator & Trainer @MrsGeekChic
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