Memory DVDs & Duff Grove Tomorrow

I made the children DVDs of slideshows from the school year since September. We watched it today and they seemed to enjoy looking back on our year. They each have a DVD that I burned for them in their backpacks tonight. I sent home a bunch of art work and stuff too, so I wanted to make sure the DVDs didn’t get lost. 🙂

Tomorrow at around 9:15 or so we will head to the park. Please make sure your child dresses for the weather, brings a lunch, snack and a water bottle with them. They can bring outdoor toys and activities too if they’d like. We will be returning to the school by 2:00. If you can walk over or back with us it would be appreciated. Otherwise you can meet us at the park. Parents, grandparents, pets all welcome!


About Larissa Aradj

French Immersion Teacher at Lord Lansdowne Public School in Toronto, Ontario Google Certified Educator, Innovator & Trainer @MrsGeekChic
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One Response to Memory DVDs & Duff Grove Tomorrow

  1. Lisa Gentle says:

    I can do the walk back Lisa

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