This Week in Photos 

A fun week, much of it spent outdoors in the beautiful weather! 

I added a photo of Mabel’s winning bookmark that won her the prestigious honour of having her bookmark distributed to several schools in our community! Congrats Mabel!

Only 4 school days left! 

As many of you I’m sure have heard this will be my last year at Dewson. After 8 wonderful years with the Dewson community it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I won’t be back teaching here in September. I was offered a job at Lord Lansdowne school just down the road teaching Health & Physical Education. I’m excited and nervous for the change,  but I will really miss the special students and relationships I’ve made over the years at Dewson. Your kids were a great last class for me, and I’m going to miss them all very much. I’m sure I will still see you around as I won’t be too far!

Bon weekend!   


About Larissa Aradj

French Immersion Teacher at Lord Lansdowne Public School in Toronto, Ontario Google Certified Educator, Innovator & Trainer @MrsGeekChic
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