Next Week & Thank you!

Photos from this week to come…

We will be heading back to Dufferin Grove park again on Wednesday for the day. They are planning the evil roof taring and we won’t be able to open windows and it’ll smell awful, so I thought it might be a nicer day at the park again than here at Dewson.
Same deal as last week except we won’t be making pizzas, so everyone can just bring their lunches/snacks. No permission forms or money required because it’s a walking excursion. Any parents who can come or help with the walk over or back would be appreciated. Parents and pets welcome to meet us at the park again if you’d like 😉

I wanted to say thank you to anyone who brought in yummy food for the teacher appreciation lunch today, it was a wonderful treat (as usual) and so delicious! Also thanks to those that gave door prizes. I ended up with a nice bottle of wine. Merci!!


About Larissa Aradj

French Immersion Teacher at Lord Lansdowne Public School in Toronto, Ontario Google Certified Educator, Innovator & Trainer @MrsGeekChic
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One Response to Next Week & Thank you!

  1. Evy Shore says:

    Hi Larissa

    I’m wondering if it’s ok for lilia to attend Maya’s graduation ceremony tomorrow afternoon? Do I need to sign her out for that? Thanks Evy

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