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Hi all!

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far!

It’s time for me to move on to a new year of teaching at Lord Lansdowne Public School and that means I need to ask you to kindly unsubscribe from my blog updates. I’ve included the “easy peasy” way for you to do that, in 1 click below. (I unfortunately can’t take care of it myself, or I would!).

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. Please say hello to your children for me!

À bientôt,

–Mme Aradj

PS: If you’d like to save any photos from the blog, please do so before September as I will slowly be pulling them down at that point. 


Scroll to the very bottom of this email and click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” in blue…
You’ll be redirected to a page that will confirm your choice with a yellow bar that reads “Your subscription has been deleted”.

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I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your wonderful cards and unnecessary gifts! You really shouldn’t have.
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed teaching your children this year, they’re a wonderful group and you should all be very proud of them!
I’m sad to be leaving Dewson, but I’ve promised to make appearances at Dewson events whenever possible.
I will miss the students and the community very much.
Take care of yourselves and feel free to keep in touch via email if you like!
HAPPY SUMMER, enjoy and be safe!
Madame Aradj

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Last day! 

Tomorrow is the last day of school! WOW! The school year has gone by so fast! I wanted to send a quick reminder home about the last day. The roof is scheduled to be tarred on Thursday, so if anyone has Asthma or breathing issues, please think about this before sending your child to school. 

Tomorrow the kids will be cleaning out their desks and bringing home the contents. Please make sure sure they have a backpack and/or a plastic or reusable bag they can use. They shouldn’t have anything left at school after tomorrow. They are encouraged to check out the lost and found and make sure nothing is left in the hallways. There will be a short goodbye ceremony at 3pm as we say goodbye to teachers who are leaving 😦 and our Grade 6 students for the last time!

Feel free to come say bye if you’re picking up your child tomorrow. I’ll be under the overhang at 3:30 dismissing them from the gym after the assembly. 

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

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Memory DVDs & Duff Grove Tomorrow

I made the children DVDs of slideshows from the school year since September. We watched it today and they seemed to enjoy looking back on our year. They each have a DVD that I burned for them in their backpacks tonight. I sent home a bunch of art work and stuff too, so I wanted to make sure the DVDs didn’t get lost. 🙂

Tomorrow at around 9:15 or so we will head to the park. Please make sure your child dresses for the weather, brings a lunch, snack and a water bottle with them. They can bring outdoor toys and activities too if they’d like. We will be returning to the school by 2:00. If you can walk over or back with us it would be appreciated. Otherwise you can meet us at the park. Parents, grandparents, pets all welcome!

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Wednesday Trip & Volunteer Tea

I made a mistake on the letter I sent home on Friday. We will be leaving the park to come back to Dewson just before 2:00PM (not 3:00), this shouldn’t really matter but I wanted to let you know nonetheless. If anyone can walk over with us at 9:10 or so, please come to Area 44. Otherwise just meet us at the park.

On the 24th there’s a Volunteer tea for parents who have helped out during the year, it’s at lunch time. The notes/invited went home last week. Hope you can make it!

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This Week in Photos 

A fun week, much of it spent outdoors in the beautiful weather! 

I added a photo of Mabel’s winning bookmark that won her the prestigious honour of having her bookmark distributed to several schools in our community! Congrats Mabel!

Only 4 school days left! 

As many of you I’m sure have heard this will be my last year at Dewson. After 8 wonderful years with the Dewson community it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I won’t be back teaching here in September. I was offered a job at Lord Lansdowne school just down the road teaching Health & Physical Education. I’m excited and nervous for the change,  but I will really miss the special students and relationships I’ve made over the years at Dewson. Your kids were a great last class for me, and I’m going to miss them all very much. I’m sure I will still see you around as I won’t be too far!

Bon weekend!   

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Next Week & Thank you!

Photos from this week to come…

We will be heading back to Dufferin Grove park again on Wednesday for the day. They are planning the evil roof taring and we won’t be able to open windows and it’ll smell awful, so I thought it might be a nicer day at the park again than here at Dewson.
Same deal as last week except we won’t be making pizzas, so everyone can just bring their lunches/snacks. No permission forms or money required because it’s a walking excursion. Any parents who can come or help with the walk over or back would be appreciated. Parents and pets welcome to meet us at the park again if you’d like 😉

I wanted to say thank you to anyone who brought in yummy food for the teacher appreciation lunch today, it was a wonderful treat (as usual) and so delicious! Also thanks to those that gave door prizes. I ended up with a nice bottle of wine. Merci!!

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